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FAQ Care & Maintenance

How do I clean my product?

  1. Always follow the care label inside your item.
  2. Most of our products have real leather trimmings, so make sure to have your item dry-cleaned by a professional company specialized in leather if this is so recommended on the washing instruction label.
  3. Do not iron outerwear items.
  4. When storing, ensure the product is completely clean and dry.
  5. Store away from heating ducts to avoid your product from drying out. Currently, RUDSAK doesn't offer dry-cleaning services, nor do we work with any specific dry-cleaner.

How do I clean and store my RUDSAK natural fur?

  1. Do not spray fur with perfume, hairspray, or other chemical substances.
  2. Protect your fur from rubbing (ie. seatbelts and shoulder bags) to avoid irreparable damage.
  3. Store away from heating ducts, to avoid fur drying out and shedding.
  4. If you store fur in a plastic sleeve, make sure to have some holes in it so it can breathe.
  5. If your fur gets wet, shake it out immediately. Gently tap it with a towel to remove access water and leave it to air dry.
  6. Brush fur trims once a week to avoid matting.
  7. If fur needs to be cleaned, please bring it to a fur specialist.

How do I clean and store my RUDSAK synthetic fur?

  1. Wash gently by hand with a tiny amount of baby shampoo or, machine wash using the wool cycle.
  2. Do not wring out, do not tumble dry.
  3. Roll synthetic fur in a cotton terry towel and hang to dry.
  4. Brush regularity with a wide-toothed comb, small sections at a time.
  5. Do not spray synthetic fur perfume, hairspray or other chemical substances.

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